Sunday, February 06, 2011

Centrepieces and Tablescapes #1

Seen @ Rachel Ray Mag

I believe that presentation is the cherry, nuts and chocolate sauce on top of the ice cream and the dish, cup or bowl or some waffle or cone dish it is served in. Suddenly, a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream is transformed into something entirely different and looks so much more decadent and irresistible {so much so that after having conjured up images of said ice cream sundae, I know would like to have one!}.

So it is with centrepieces and tablescapes or table settings. It creates a feel and mood to the room and transforms a plain room into something new. To me, it is an important element that makes everything extra extra lovely and makes the meal that more enjoyable.

It is sad however that most people I know don't quite take that extra step. I guess its because fresh flowers, pretty serviettes, napkin rings and the like are expensive. Sure there are other creative ways of preparing centrepieces and simple tablescapes but most Malaysians generally just dig in to the food {most of the meals we have are buffet style} without much thought or care to the centrepiece or tablescape that the host has created {what a pity!}. 

I will be posting several different posts on centrepieces and tablescapes which will hopefully inspire me when I finally host my first meal at my new home {wish me luck and inspiration for that}! I also hope that all of you reading will be inspired too with these beautiful photos.

Btw, my favourite centrepiece from the photos above was the one with the overturned glasses with the blooms underneath and the candles on the top of the base. Simple and yet impactful - I heart!

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!" 

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