Monday, November 08, 2010

all too soon

All too soon its early Monday morning. The three day weekend is past.
Kuching (a state in East Malaysia) beckons this coming week. Am praying that things go well at the event in Kuching, it MAY be the last branch opening for me at the hovel *woot woot*

Down to happier things, I finally got a date for the wedding and I am all excited about it. During the engagement and a couple of days after that, I was just on Cloud 99 and then the next couple of weeks saw me frequently gazing at my left hand or quickly peeking at it, just so that I can believe it happened to me, the Dreamer and Hopeful Believer of Fairy Tales and Happy Endings. But now, with the REAL date being set, everything seems different. There is a growing sense of purpose and excitement and fear. 

I also went to Armadale  to check out their wedding packages and etc. and proceeded to check out the 3 locations for the wedding dinner. Our fav place is going to be closed down come June 2011, the one at the country club is not as nice as I remembered it to be and the last one is narrow and there is no space for mingling and etc. though I have to say that the colour palate of the restaurant is awesome!!! Watch out for more details and posts about my wedding preparations.

After a dinner with friends at a German restaurant (I love the sausages and pork knuckles), we played Monopoly Deal and now I find myself here, in front of the screen all too soon, reminiscing about the weekend gone by. I am pleased though that I managed to do so much this weekend instead of just staying home reading or sleeping. Oh well, all too soon the weekend will be upon us again I am sure it will be a good one as well. I have a couple of things that I plan to do, so hopefully my list making will go well (I heart lists!).

Btw, I have been browsing through the interweb and found heaps of 'Inspiring' sites, as I deem them. Here's one of them 'Where A Girl Goes'  and Christina Re ~ sister sites with loveliness on its pages. I wish I could beam myself there right now. If I ever find myself in Melbourne again, this will be probably one of the first places I will visit, followed by the Victoria Markets.

So, anyways my dear readers, here's to another awesome week ahead of us. May the weather hold and the floods subside in the northern part of Malaysia. 

P.S: My doggy Belle is the best doggy in the world to me. At this very moment, dear Belly is hugging her new little sausage pillow I got her and dreaming happy doggy dreams I am sure *smiles smiles*

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