Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy CNY 2011

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Happy Chinese New Year!
Today, Chinese families all over the world get together to usher in the year of the rabbit. There will be angpaus {little red packets filled with money} given to children and single adults  as a symbol of good luck and to also ward of evil spirits. 

There will also be an abundance of food prepared for relatives and friends. My living room is filled with CNY paraphernalia and my living room table is filled with all kinds of cookies, snacks and fruit. In a couple of hours, my house will be filled with more than 40 relatives {whom I sadly meet only once or twice a year even though they live about 20 minutes away} - so you can imagine the craziness that will ensue. Last year, it was even crazier as we had BBQ buffet {catered} and a canopy and my friends over as I was celebrating my birthday as well as the new year.

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It's a pity that B is not feeling well and is not here to celebrate with my relatives. No occasion is complete without him but he needs to rest and sleep. His upper mouth palate has some swelling which is causing his whole mouth to ache and because of that, he can't eat as well. What a horrible time to get sick. We have the whole week off work and he has to be ill {the poor child}. Hopefully the medication the doc prescribed will work its magic and he will be back to his awesome self soon.

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I am looking forward to the celebrations this Chinese New Year. There will be many open houses to go to and many friends and family to meet and get reacquainted with, more friendly games of poker and blackjack too {I can't wait}, delicious food to savour and time to just do nothing at home but read and hopefully arrange my arts and crafts supplies *smiles smiles* It would just be perfect if B could be here too and be well soon. So anyways, I wish all of you a prosperous and joyous Chinese New Year! *grins*


Arlynaz said...

Happy New Year to you....

*Dream Weaver* said...

Thanks Arlynaz :)
Hope you are having a good holiday too

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