Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hello Weekend!

The weekend is here in all it's shiny glory! I don't have many plans outlined but there is pampering session for B and I in 2 hours and then a party for a girl friend's 2 year old daughter. Tomorrow is a 'dowry session' thingy {I don't know what it's called} @ the restaurant where I will be holding my wedding and a community tea party at 3pm in my neighborhood. B and I were also thinking of going shopping for lights and stuff for the 'Love Nest'... but we will see how it goes. I am a little traumatized about the amounts of $ that we have been spending. It's by the thousands!!! On the hindsight, I feel so grown up and it's daunting but at the same time, it's really exciting. 

Belle just got back from the vet's yesterday evening. She was groggy and in pain it seemed as she went to get neutered and to do an op to remove a hernia of sorts. The doctor found something abnormal about her organs and the tissues and fat that was growing around them but the vet could not tell us very much till she got more tests done on Belle and we can't send her for these tests just yet as she has to heal from these wounds first.

It is so very painful to see her dazed and shivering in pain {or was she cold or something else entirely} with no appetite. The once lovely, energetic bundle of fur is missing... I can't wait to have her back to replace this zombie lookalike. Do pray with me that she will recover fast from this op and that there is nothing majorly wrong with her internally as well.

Anyways, it is still a little early for me to be up on a Saturday I feel *snickers*, and after watching several episodes of "Pretty Little Liars", I think I need my beauty sleep! Here's to an awesome weekend all.

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