Sunday, March 13, 2005

"What Law?"

I just got home not too long ago and on the way back from Bangsar (Possum and I went for nasi lemak with chicken and extra 'serbuk' - triple yums) when we got stopped by 2 bloody dodgey policeman. These two ppl were in the SHELL petrol station preying on innocent happy ppl - they looked like Laurel and Hardey (though I can't remember which was thin and which one was fat). The thin arse was smoking in the petrol station - ARSE HOLE!!! Tak boleh baca ke? Bodoh!!! Somemore he asked Possum and I to accompany them to this lorong (they took Possums drivers license) and asked where his new road tax was (which expired ont he 4th of March) and Possum got it in the other car as he had just gone to the post office in the afternoon and hadn't stuck it on yet.

So the ARSE... asked for moneylah then... 20 bucks somemore... IDIOT!!! He politely told us that he was just doing "his job" - my my my... such a "hardworking"
man. Following the rules apparently and I guess the smoking in the petrol station was ok... I mean you only endangering everyone around there only what? No big deal! Stupid!!! After insisting that we slip the money in his "summons" book (following his little rehearsed act), the fat one and the thin one, got on their little motorbikes and drove off... ones license plate was BFT5335. So if you guys happen to see this motorcycle on the road with a skinny dude on it... please give them a "friendly" nudge! (I don't believe in violence, but I am just being "friendly").

Gawd... what has happened to the law? Which someone no doubtly would reply "What law?"

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