Monday, March 14, 2005

* Kiss the Rain *

Its been awhile since I kissed~ the rain... I used to do that alot when I was younger. Just stand out in the drizzle and face the heavens. It was wonderful.

Of course I didn't stand in the pouring storm type of rain... more the light drizzle. Perhaps that is why something is wrong with my little brain... maybe the cold entered my heart that way as well.

So why kiss~ the rain you must be wondering? Yet another silly thing this girl does... Well, there was a boy, a very strange and gentle boy (hehehe) and he had the nicest eye lashes ever. He was the boy who gave me my first kiss~ *blush*... he's not around anymore. In Heaven I suppose, looking down on us all. Well one day when it was drizzling outside, he asked me to go and kiss~ the rain, as he was going to do the same. Kiss~ the rain... whenever you miss me... the song by Billie Meyers goes that way too. I guess he got it from there. Outside we went and we kissed~ the rain and sometimes when I am missing him or when I miss someone and when it drizzles I kiss~ the rain.

*Yes Possum, I miss you too*

There is no real symbolism to this action... perhaps its a little nutty and strange, but you know me. Strange little thing that I am. *grin*

I was in the drizzle again today... rushing for a movie - "Robots" (it was real good by the way!). Possum was in the driveway and I ran to the Riberry (his jeep) but while I was standing in the rain, I looked up and I kissed~ the rain. The rain plastered my fringe to my forehead, wet my cheeks and created little pools on my glasses. I didn't stand out in the rain kissing~ it for too long as we were late... but it just brought back a couple of wonderful memories of a boy who I miss.


Anonymous said...

Possum misses you too.......he's always watching, whenever you least expect =)

*Dream Weaver* said...
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*Dream Weaver* said...

Wahlau... thats just a freaky thing to say *shiver* Just going to shut my curtains and make sure the doors are locked.

~ATOM~ said...

wow!! i like the thought of kissing the rain when you're missing someone... what i do is, i say their names out loud like i'm calling them... as if it would bring them to me...

*heavy sigh*

PS. sorry, i know this is an old entry :s

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