Friday, March 11, 2005

Hole in my wallet

I have burnt a hole in my wallet. The mullah I was supposed to use for my text books have been used to develop photos and to buy my nonsense and to pay for my transportation. So now I have to dig into the piggy bank to get me mullah to pay for the text books that have been waiting in the printers for the last 3 days, they must be lonely.

Anyways, my grand plans to study and to do my work this morning dissappeared like biscuits in hot chocolate... all that was left was just a few half hearted notes scribbled... yum just like the soggy crumbly biscuits bits at the bottom for the cup. Just fragments of a once wonderful thing. (so drama) Went for my food review at "Delicious "and was screwed up the venue (both my fault and the fellas fault). I went to 1 Utama's outlet when I should have been to the one in Bangsar Village (gee... didn't even know they had one there!).

Well went there and the manager welcomed us in and gave us yummy yummy food and drinks and deserts... my friend Joyce took the pics whilst I sat there savouring the food hoping to remember how it tasted as I would have to write about it later. At the end of the meal, I needed a crane to lift me up and send me home... Alas there was none. My friend dropped me at 1 Utama again where I had to pick up my photos and window shop (its good therapy). Managed to get some lovely candles at a wonderful discount (the original price was RM9.90 but I got it for RM1.90) - goodleh! Saw some new Little Ponies and was tempted to get one with blue hair, but remembered I had a hole in the wallet *sniff* Pony will have to wait till my next pay check or if someone nice *hint hint* would buy it for me as a surprise... hehehe =)

Am at home now with the fan blowing right in my face and the speakers on full blast. I keep reminding myself to do my work... but... yeah soon... I know I will regret this sooner or later. Oh... going for BBQ soon... hope there ain't too many mozzies... I HATE them. Bugggers!
Well its been a good "food-filling" day. Have to babysit my mother today for awhile... hehehe...

Ho hum... its back to work and studying for now anyways... *cheers*

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