Sunday, March 06, 2005


This year so far has been a blessed year... not forgetting a wonderful eating extravaganza!!! =) (though this has sadly left me with excess baggage in unwanted places - darn!) Food... I don't eat alot of it (much to the surprise of some people), but I love to try new food and new restaurants (another reason why I love my job, I get to review food sometimes.) Back to the topic at hand... MANGOES...

yeah... I have been very fortunate to have a very loving dad who buys them for me regularly from the pasar malam or the markets. Lately my kitchen fruit basket has been overflowing with fruits and you guessed it overflowing with mangoes. Possum's dad gave me several different kinds of mangoes that he had bought whilst he was in Thailand and I got to try them all - Amen!

There are the soft ones with no fibers, the slightly harder ones with fibers, the crunchy ones with a slightly green tinge and of course the soft fiber ones. The colours are all varying from dark oranges with hints of brown (cos they were too ripe - thats the way them sometimes), deep yellows with tinges of deep oranges, light pale yellows and some just a mixture of yellows and oranges. I just had a mango when I logged on (sorry Angelus, I had mango juice dribbling down my arms - I had the seed) and the sweet nectar was wonderfully cool as I bit into the flesh and licked the juice. (ok... this sounds rather 18SX, but its NOT!) Its just delicious really... especially if its icy cold. The bad part would be when the fibers get stuck between your teeth (yeah I have slight holes in my teeth thanks to the gum prob I have) and you also tend to get a sticky mouth and sticky slimy fingers... =) *grin*

MANGOES... yum yum... I read this book by an Indian writer called "House of the Blue Mangoes". It was alright... but they had this desciption of blue mangoes... I want to try a blue mango... anyone going to India soon??? Well I must be off now... I hope I don't get a tummy ache from consuming too much mangoes at 1.28am in the morning - plus the heaps of duck and prawn I had just now... (gawd... so much food!). Tomorrow is Disney on Ice - hurrah!!! My bro and his girlfriend and Possum will be coming toos... YIPEEE!!! Hope all of you have a mangolicious Sunday.

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