Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ants, Arts and Telly...

I feel better today... not like DAMN great, but better.
Still trying to find the source of the problem which is honestly eluding me even more as I try to find or undersatnd it.

The bloody ants ants ants ants ants are every-bloody-where which makes me just feel icky and grossed out. Don't know why they have to come to my house and bother us. My dad is going to get them - Thank God! Those blasted things. I don't want to kill them, but they leave me no choice.

Had an interesting talk with nopressureovercappucino about art (looking forward to more) though this made me a little sad as those were the days of visual art and art appreciation classes in Australia - thank you Mr PJ for those wonderful classes where I could dabble with all sorts of things and learn about this strange and interesting world of arts.

My mum just got back from work and she is cooking in the kitchen... the smells are just yummy and making my tummy rumble as I only had a little breakfast with the Possum (HK Chee Cheong Fun - yum) and a stale Dunkin Doughnut - chocolate flavoured with chocolate icing... *smacks lips*

Going to go now... telly is calling, the books are calling, the other stuff is calling... I think I am going to listen to the telly - it has pictures, sounds and words... Hoorah!!!

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