Saturday, July 24, 2004

Strange how..

It is strange how sometimes the world seems so pleasant and wonderful. How every cool gentle breeze is so calming and pleasant, how unique every tree is from the way its leaves look, to the green of the leaf itself.. and look at the sky, and endless blue on some days with puffy clouds that look like wisps of white cotton candy floating aimlessly around.. and how about the wonderful dazzling colours of the flowers that scent the air with their sweet fragrance... how pleasant the world seems than.. like nothing could ever go wrong..
Strange how to the world seems like a horrible place to be in. How the barren red earth is so glaring thanks to the massive deforestation, how the monstrosity of condrete and glass buildings dot the landcape of a once green and pleasant place.. how we see the endless expanse of broken glass, shattered landscapes, decaying homes, bombed empty shells of what was home to many - thanks to the endless wars and greed of men. How strange to see and smell the putrid smells of rotting flesh and decaying meat and stinking sewers that seep into the endless clean water ways, the toxins and pollutants killing the wonderful streams and seas..
I am not sure where I am going with all this "interesting" things I have in my mind at the moment. One must wonder why I am having these thoughts to begin with. I am not sure myself. After feeding time, I wanted to relax and continue my novel on "House Husbands" but I felt restless in Possums room and decided to write again. Perhaps I got a wift of inspiration after writing my previous entry - WOW! two entires in one day. Amazing!! I guess I just had a really lovley day today and I wish that I had more days like this. Days which seem so picture perfect that you wonder if everyone actually was just playing a role in a big prodcution, perhaps something like 'the Truman Show' starring Jim Carrey. I am happy today. I have been happy for some time now, which is the happiest I have been in a long long time. I guess I am expecting something morbid and sad to happen to me but then I reprimand myself for thinking and feeling that way.
Strange how sometimes out of the blue I tend to think of the strangest things or how sometimes the faces of people I know tend to pop into my mind and how suddenly I feel the urge to talk to them, to hold them and to just see them again even if it was only for just awhile. Strange too how some days are just so uneventful and sometimes there are so many calls from friends to go out that you are pulled in so many different directions that you don't know what to do and end up staying at home with your folks. Today is one such day and I am feeling guilty that I am not going to be with my friends (some of whom I hardly see and constantly accuse of not having time for me) - for those of you (you know who you are) I am really sorry. I am too tired to go out and I feel like just hiding under the covers and reading or just sleeping or couch-potato'ing out in front of the telly watching yet another mindless movie.
Gawd! I am blabbering on at an alarming rate. I think I should go now. Hopefull the next time I write, I would't need to think and be so melancholic. Oh well.. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! Gotta go feed the fishes *cute buggers that they are *, finish my novel, say goodnight to Possum and head home to my family.

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Brian said...

i am listening to this jazz station called dina's jazz corner shop on the internet while working on my assignment and the DJ sound exactly like you, the way you both speak. how funny.... so just wanna say hellossss... memories of you are still fresh i my mind... the one and only burger grubbing monstress from Uptown...

cheers, b.

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