Monday, July 26, 2004

In The Middle...

In the middle…
I am in the middle of two worlds
My childhood
So inviting with laughter and smiles
The adult world
Mocking me with realities so hauntingly blatantly real.

In the middle…
I am neither here nor there
Just wandering aimlessly in between
Searching and trying to find
To find some sort of meaning and reason
However, I am lost it clearly seems.

In the middle…
Memories of days gone by haunt me
While visions of the future spur me on
Caught between moving forward and staying where I am
A thousand ‘what-ifs’ inside me burns.

In the middle…
Leaving the past and moving ahead
Scares and excites me all at once
Though more often than not I am clueless
Walking about in a silent trance
Waiting and hoping for a miracle or sign
To end this wait, to fill this emptiness…



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