Tuesday, July 27, 2004

CloSe EnCouNTerS of ThE CrAb KinD

I had my one of my papers today, critical thinking.. what can I say. I am just glad that its over and done with and I need not know anything more about deductive or inductive arguments and the like. I have another paper to go on thursday, general psychology, that should be alright (thank God). 
Anyways, after the exam Possum decided to give me a threat as I was sort of studying like mad, so we went to Starbucks (the new 50th outlet which just opened today in Uptown near my place). It was.. alright though I kept on picturing the various hawker sellers there (cos before Starbucks took over, it was one of my favourite coffee shops). Anyways, after the coffee and beef pie, we both went to Ikano to see some fishes and ended up buying some more decorative items for our aquarium, which today was a nice looking rock. Also had an interesting chat with a fella who worked there about tortoises and priarie dogs (there were 2 of them, one obese - but damn cute looking) and then as always it was to the book shop for a few minutes of browsing.
After all that, there was dinner in Klang with Possum and his family. We had grilled lamb, calamari and crabs. Everyone had their own crab and I was so fasinated by it really.. I took ages to dismantle its legs and to eat it and when I opened its body, I was alot grossed out cos there were all his lungs and filters and stuff in there.. just really wierd... but it was worth it, cos it tasted really really good. YUMMM!!!  Dinner ended and I went home to chill with my mums cos she was alone at home (yes good daugher i am) and we talked for abit and then she went to sleep... so here I am tinkering on the computer and savouring the feeling cos it has been so long without it. (loving strokes the keyboard)
I also got to thinking that today a year ago, I met a really great bunch of people. Time happens to drift by so quickly at times... feel like I have known them for years, but it only has been a year, and what a year it has been. Things have changed for all of us, but I can only look forward to the future and hope for better days and look back to the past and smile at those wonderful memories. They really are a special bunch of people and I hope that as time progresses, so will our friendship. Aights.. going to sleeps now. NIghts...

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