Tuesday, June 19, 2012

She Cooks: Roman Chicken

I decided to cook yesterday.
After all since I am married I should try.
I usually shy away from the kitchen but lately
since I have been bumming around, I find myself
attracted to my expensive pretty kitchen with its pots,
tools and fancy-ish equipment.
Perhaps I am getting more confident in trying new dishes
and playing around with new ingredients.
Or perhaps its my inner-Martha Stewart come out to play.
*huhuhu* Whatever it is. I kinda like it.
And I am hoping that I will be doing more cooking soon.
Nothing fancy or major but I get a feeling my pretty
cook books on the shelf will see some action this year.

So today I tried a recipe called Roman Chicken.
The recipe below was given to me by an ex-colleague.

The end result was tasty.
Not super-awesomeness-going-to-get-a-medal-for-this
type of good but it was nice and flavourful. It can certainly
be improved on. Will try to buy yellow and red peppers 
{I only had one green pepper with me} and marinade 
the chicken a little first before cooking it the next time.

Here's to more successful and fun cooking times in my
little kitchen. If you have any awesome recipes for a beginner
that you would like to share, do let me know. Thanks.

Roman Chicken DW style *smiles*

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