Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book Adulterer

I am a book adulterer.
I read several books at one time
and am never loyal to just one book 
though there may be periods where I just cling to
one book refusing to part with it till it ends
and I finally put it down with a satisfied sigh
or at times with a scowl or with a tear in my eye.

I love books. 
*happy sigh*

Since everyone was talking about 'The Hunger Games',
it piqued my curiosity and I googled it and loved what I read.
Was not able to catch the movie in the cinemas sadly 
but will surely watch it once the DVD is out.

So back to 'The Hunger Games'... I managed to buy
myself a boxed set and started reading them last week
and I could not put it down.
It was nothing like how I imagined it to be.
It was quite gruesome and brutal.
I would NOT like to be Katniss Everdeen that's for sure!

My night time... sometimes day time indulgences.

Then there is my 'Game of Thrones' books.
I am currently at book 3 part 2.
Have taken a hiatus to reading it since I have been
having several dreams involving scenes from the 
book/tv series. B thought it best to stop for a bit and it has
helped heaps. I also just finished reading some fluff 'The Manny'
and am about a quarter way with 'The Story of Beautiful Girl'.
A pretty good story so far but fantasy stories have
always been my weakness.

If only there were more hours in the day for reading.
My book list is heaving and I have not finished the
things I wanted to read for the month of May!!!
*gulp* Well here's to reading and to books.

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