Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Debut

Today was the debut for Hearts & Crafts.
And although I am super tired from the standing and the
excitement and the butterflies, it is all worth it.
I managed to make a small profit and it's just awesome.
My little project is not for me to make a thousands of $$$....
if it happens, then just awesome! but the main goal for me
is to just sell my handmade items and share my love for handmade
pretty happy things *smiles* 

It's true. The time that we take to cut, stick, stamp, sew, press,
measure, pack, design and present doesn't quite justify the pricing...
but it is the joy in creating, the joy in seeing something take shape,
the excitement of getting to work with the materials that I love... 
this is what makes it all so worthwhile. 

I am truly blessed that I have B and my family and friends who 
believein my cause and in my pet project. 
It is indeed heartwarming to see so many people turn up 
just to support me and probably buy
stuff that they don't need *smiles* its definitely a moment to 
treasure. Thank you God for such a wonderful day.

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