Saturday, June 30, 2012

It was a lovely Friday

I had a plan for yesterday ~ it was supposed to be a "me" day.
Massage, shopping, a movie, coffee and a meal.
After all its the last "freedom" Friday as I call it.
But the plans changed and my mum followed me to 1Utama shopping centre.
At first because of all the different timings and the crappy phone 
lines, I was super annoyed but I did not want to ruin a good day.
So I plastered a smile on my face and held my tongue
and to my surprise and my delight, it was an awesome day
{plus there was 25% off the books that I wanted to buy!} *smiles*

I think I needed a day out with my mum more then I realised.
I thought she would be happy that she would be able to have a sushi 
lunch with me and then watch a movie, the joy here is that I felt 
happier then she did just enjoying ourselves as we used to those 
Saturdays way before weddings, kids and dogs entered the 
picture. I also stayed over in my old room and it was nice. 
Different since I am used to sleeping next to a
snoring B but familiar and comforting all at the same time.
Belly was ill as well so most of my night was spent cleaning her puke
and comforting the poor girl. She is better this morning.

We watched"Brave", and how apt a movie it was.
Besides the lovely and haunting scenery so wonderfully presented 
by Pixar and Disney, the storyline was wonderful and touched on 
the mother-daughter relationship, forgiveness and acceptance.
Yes, I did the whole weepy thing *huhuhuhu*

There was also a bonus cartoon "La Luna" which was a simple
yet delightful cartoon. Loved it *smiles*

Definitely would recommend "Brave" to those of you who love
Disney cartoons and want that warm fuzzy feeling. It's a very 
different kind of fuzzy though, a bit mature fuzzy if it makes 
any sense. Btw, the soundtrack is pretty awesome too.
Go watch it. Happy Saturday, its a busy one for me!

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