Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wax seal it!

Wax seals personalise letters and keep all our letters secret. Plus it adds to that old world feel and brings us back to the day of long ago. Of Queen Elizabeth, Robin Hood and Game of Thrones… ok… that’s me with my head in the clouds {or books!} but really, how awesome are waxed seals?

My cousin got me my first seal and a stick of dark red wax and it looked way awesome. I have honestly not had the time to use it {me and my procrastination problem and all} but I know I will be using it soon. It’s just awesome! *smiles smiles grins grins*

Anyways, I just ordered another seal and the package {see image one for the package I will be receiving} consists of a stamp, a box to put everything inside, a spoon to put the wax and 2 candles and the best part, 3 sticks of wax {1 gold, 1 silver, 1 dark red}. I can’t wait to get it in mid/end April *woot woot*

To vies the Groupon deal, click here.

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