Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bursts of Lady

There are times when I don my pretty ladylike clothes with 
the bows, the lace and such stuff.
I douse myself in awesome smelling perfume 
and wear my dainty accessories.
My hair is combed or sometimes curled and 
adorned with a hair band or bow or tied in a pretty plait.
The make-up comes next from its pretty 
packaged tubes, jars and palettes to settle on my face.
I pick my shoes the pointy ones, or flat ones, 
the ones that shine and glitter or the sling backs 
or the super CFM (Come F**k Me) heels.
And lastly I pick out my bag, the pretty clutch, 
the sharp black purse, the sweet one with the ribboned handle.

After all that, I am finally ready.
The messy girl turned into a lady.
I get bursts like that. 
Not often. 
But it happens every now and then.
And I love it.
But it doesn’t last long.

I go back to being the slightly disheveled, 
jeans-slipper-teeshirt wearing girl.
And I love that the most.

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