Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Sea Tree Park

Dutch architectural firm Waterstudio has come up with a
seriously cool looking structure that will apparently
allow wildlife to thrive in urban areas.

The Sea Tree is essentially a giant floating park, 
which can be located in a river close to the bank. 
It's multiple layers allow various types of wildlife 
to find suitable habitats, with a large proportion
 of the structure housed underwater.

According to the Daily Mail, major cities like London or New York 
could see the introduction of Sea Trees within the next two years.

How amazing is this sea tree? It could be a very good idea to 
have these sea trees in the urban areas so that the animals 
who have lost their habitat can find a place to stay here.
It would be an awesome sanctuary for them.
Would be awesome to see it in real life, up close.
Three cheers for Sea Tree Parks.

To read more about these amazing new eco spaces,
read here, here and here.

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