Sunday, March 04, 2012

Valentine's Day in a box

Valentine's Day has come and gone but when I saw this post on
You Are My Fave, I could not not post this lovely idea of 
Valentine's Day in a box.

Filled with a lovely array of all things pink and white, 
such as heart cups, a card,  a flower clip, ribbon, 
heart brads + heart hole punch, clothespins + washi tape, 
Ritter Sport chocolate, balloons, gummy bears 
and other odds and ends, the Valentine's Day in a box 
is just a lovely and sweet gift for that special someone.

I remember making my own little box for my friend 
quite a few years ago. It was a birthday box 
with things I bought for her to relax.
Chocolate, candy, a facial mask, a book, a card and some other
stuff. I reckon sometimes and assortment of smaller gifts as 
opposed to a giant large gift would have the same effect. 
Plus depending on what you put inside, it can be quite cost
efficient as well if you are on a tight budget.
At the end of the day, it is the thought that counts and I am sure
that your friend will enjoy the gift box whatever it may contain.

Do click here, here and here to see other 'box' creations
by You Are My Fave ~ they are quite awesome too!

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