Saturday, December 31, 2011

End 2011. Begin 2012.

I don’t know about you but 2011 was a pretty decent year for me... There were many happy memories, some really scary and sad ones, ones that made me cry, that made me laugh, that made me smile, that made me cuss, that made me think, that made me hope, that made me dream.

2010 was a year of 'Coming Home' {my One Little Word - OLW - for the year} for me and this year as I ponder about what OLW would best describe 2011, the word comes easily to me. 2011 was a year of 'Preparation'... a year of building foundations. A year of preparing to grow up, preparing to fly, preparing to take big steps, preparing for big changes, preparing to be a wife, preparing to speak out, preparing to capture my dreams with two hands. 

God who has always been my constant has not failed me this year. He has given me strength through the tough times and has sustained me. He has comforted me in times of sadness and loneliness. He has been a source of inner joy and peace and He has never failed to provide and bless all those whom I love and for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you Father God for your many mercies and blessings.

I would have liked to boast about the super cool and awesome things that I have done in 2011, but there are none that rocked the world per se, but it sure rocked my life... 
So here's what I did:
  • B moved into the Love Nest and we had our first house warming party. 
  • Choose curtains, colours, pots, pans, furniture and etc.
  • I watched heaps of tv and movies.
  • Attended many weddings.
  • Went overseas to Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam.
  • Made several large purchases for Project Love Nest & Project Happily Ever After.
  • The Princess Project is a disaster ~ I think I am just happy in my own skin as is.
  • Finally got upgraded to a smart phone ~ the white Samsung Glaxay SII.
  • Went through the Catholic Marriage Preparation Course (CMPC) and thought it the best thing for B’s and my relationship.
  • Changed the look of Little Pieces of Heaven.
  • Started The Knick Knack Box.
  • Turned heaps of lemons into lemon meringue pies.
  • Watched ‘The Lion King’ on broadway {in Singapore} and in 3D.
  • Wore my first skirt to work.
  • Bought more bags, clothes and accessories than ever before.
  • Have started to love colours more ~ especially Pink!
  • Took heaps of photos.
  • Deleted toxic people from my Facebook page.
  • Started using my arts + crafts supplies {small steps DW!}.
  • Read quite a few books of varying genres.
  • Saved. Spent. And tried to save some more.
  • Freelanced for Home & Décor.
  • Shopped quite a bit online.
  • Built and strengthened some friendships, let go of some others.
  • Finally got more than 1 million points in Zuma.
  • I have more than 220 pinterest followers.
  • Since May 2009, I have had 30,531 pageviews - a small number for many but good encouragement for me *double woot woots* 
Yes.  2011 was a very full year that whizzed by too quickly and although I will hate to see it go and though I am panicky that my wedding day {and hitting the big 30} is getting closer and closer with each breath I take, I am fully welcoming 2012. There is so much to look forward to and really, it will be a whole new phase in life. Not only will I be married *woot woot* and turn 30 {I reckon I still look 24} but I will be moving out of the home I have known for the past 29 years and going to Europe *triple woot woots*. I also plan to explore new opportunities and new things that I have always wanted to do but never did. 

Seen @ Ali Edwards

Because of all these exciting adventures that is going to happen and because I know 2012 will be super awesomeness, my OLW for 2012 is 'Explore'. I have also found some illustrations to go with the word 'explore'. Enjoy the photos, ponder about them and give out 3 cheers and a little wiggle to 2012, a year of exploring. Btw, if you are interested in reading about other OLW's chosen by other bloggers, read this post by Ali Edwards that has inspired me to start selecting OLW each year {2010: coming home  & 2011: preparation}. There is also a class by Big Picture Classes to help inspire you to document and journa,l as well as share your OLW.

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