Friday, December 30, 2011

Must Resist!!!

I have not talked much about Project Happilly Ever After and I have
talked even less about the Princess Project. The reason being
is that both are not going as smoothly as I hoped it would.

Project Happily Ever After has hit some bumps along the way.
Bump Bump Bump! From the guest list to the invitation {the horror!},
to the pre-wedding photography, to the wedding favor, and etc.
Then there is the awful realisation that everything involves $$$.
Lots of it. Everything you touch is $$$. *gulp*
There are still a couple {I use this lightly} of loose ends to tie up.
A couple more calls and arrangements to make.
A couple more envelopes to stamp...
and the list goes on.
So ya... btw, everyone I meet now asks the same question...
"How is the wedding preparations?" and I know they mean well
but really. Do they really care or want to know? Not sure.

Right moving swiftly along...
The Princess Project is not going well as mentioned above.
My skin is super sensitive. For some reason I break into
fits of sneezing {violently I might add}which leads to me having
red ugly eyes and an awful headache. My hair is... strange.
And most of all I look like a sausage *sniffs*

Seen @ Meow Cheese

I need help. 
Must resist the food.
Must resist the desserts.
Must get butt out of bed to exercise.
Must exfoliate and mositurise.

Enough whinging.
I am going to have a cookie glass of water.
*snickers snickers*
Rome wasn't built in a day...
and I wish my wedding was another 
couple of months away...
maybe I can loose some weight then...
maybe not.
Such a random post.
Ok. I am honestly freaked.
I look like a sausage *sighs*
Gonna play Zuma now or
drink my sorrows away with water.
Toodles {sorry am emo-ing!}.

1 comment:

Jess said...

Hope you have a wonderful wedding! =3 Keep up the good work with the food! =3

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