Wednesday, December 14, 2011

this poor child

I have had this picture for some time and every time I see it, I start cracking up. I honestly pity this poor child whose parents probably thought it cool to dress him {I hope it’s a him} in a Mr T style look.

On one hand I can see the funniness in this and the laughs it will bring but I pity the poor child when he grows up and this photo circulates among his peers. It could go two ways… he could either be a star or a complete loser {I am hoping he becomes a super star}. On second thought... I might dress my kid up like this as well. I am sure he/she will be the talk {laugh} of the town ~ but he/she would get heaps of hugs and cuddles I am sure.

Anyways, just wanted to share this bit of 
 funny with all of you this morning.
Ok... it's not right to laugh at a poor innocent child
but it just heaps funny.
B and I were LOL-ing in the car when I showed him
this pic. It sure made being stuck in a traffic jam a little
more tolerable for that 5 minutes.
*smiles smiles smiles*

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