Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zoom! Zoom!

Zoom! Zoom! Went the weekend.
An hour more to go and it's Monday {yet again}.
The weather here has been cool and hazy.
The kind of weather that would make anyone want to
stay in bed to read or to snuggle up on the couch to watch a movie.
{I did both!}
Saturday was not quite that busy but today was jammed packed.
I foresee myself just sinking into bed and sleeping soundly soon.
Belle had a day at the dog groomers and she looks super pretty.
We also got a new Panasonic microwave today.
My first super gadget for the Love Nest!
I am excited and can't wait to begin my journey of culinary delights *huhuhu*
Who know's what the future brings for me and the cooking/baking.

Quick updates:
I currently have 37 followers on Pinterest *woot woot*
Am also thinking of watching "Wicked" in Singapore this December
and of course a quick visit to the shops in Singapore too.
It will be a Christmas treat for myself {just like the Lion King was my
birthday treat to myself!}. Should start planning for this.
Have this brilliant idea in my mind for a business...
lots to think aboutand research.
And once again, too many hobbies, too little time!
*snickers doodles snickers*

Have a good week ahead all!

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