Friday, September 16, 2011

truly eventful day

Today is Malaysia Day ~ A celebration held on the September 16 every year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963. 

So instead of going to work today, I woke up at a leisurely 10am and brought Belle to the doggy sitters for a stay over the weekend. It helps her heaps as her interaction with other dogs remain limited and she is relatively shy/afraid of them. I believe in her mind she is a human and not a dog! *snickers* Anyways, am happy to hear from the doggy sitter that Belle has settled in and warmed up and is now friends with another beagle {who is incidentally underweight and of a very pale colour, unlike our dear Belle who is overweight - thanks to steroids that she had to take when she was ill - and tricoloured}. I worry less knowing that she is happy and enjoying herself! 

After dropping Belle off, I followed B to Old Town Coffee cafe in Jaya One and had a leisurely brunch of mee siam + fried chicken + white coffee + a good read. It's a simple joy that I love. Reading and having something to nibble and sip *smiles*

Then {because I can't resist books} B dropped me off at the MPH book sale. So there I was carrying a cardboard box sifting through piles, tables and displays of books. Somehow, the smell of books and the pretty covers excite me and make me happy. I sound slightly delusional and mental, but it's just an awesome feeling! So, I now am the proud owner of several new books. How many exactly? Well... I lost count. *gulp* *snickers* I can't wait to wipe'em down and arrange them on my new white bookshelves!

And as I write this, a drama unfolds. Someone called my boss and told her that someone broke into their house. B and Mic {one of B's best friends} went there to check and report what happened as my boss is on holiday. Long story short, the police {heaps of them} broke down  the front gate and checked the house but no one was there. They may have escaped by the backdoor. *sigh. idiot hooligans will have their dues* Just called my boss just to tell her the news and at least she is relieved. What a way to start her holidays. Poor child.

Anyways, am off for dinner in a bit to savour the delights of Nando's with B and an old friend of ours who is getting married. We will later camp out on the couch to watch movies or Supernatural {which we are recently addicted too}. I was also at one time writing with her at Seventeen Magazine *smiles* Tomorrow, there is a Raya open house and a spa session in the works. This is truly an eventful day. See you soon blogworld.

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Rhapsody Phoenix said...

Sounds like a pamper me day. We all need one or a few of those.

Stay blessed.

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