Monday, September 26, 2011

Another quickie

It's been another long weekend. I feel like I should take some time of to just rest since I don't feel rested at all! Am hoping that the annual report season will end without anymore panic attacks and that the event this coming Friday will be a success. I can't wait for the mini trip this weekend with B. It's been ages since we went away just the two of us ~ we always have such fun together.

Anyways, Project Love Nest is going super well. We bought a reading/living room lamp, a chest of drawers with a mirror for a super cheap price {it's a display unit, but it's so worth it}, a dining room set with 6 chairs {a steal since we wanted to get a table from Ikea which costs the same without the chairs}, mirrors and toiletry holder type things. I can't wait till the new stuff is delivered... then the Love Nest will be almost complete! Next we just need to get the soft furnishings up and of course organising our stuff properly into our walk-in closet and study.

I so want to blog more but my eyes are killing me. And for the record. My body feels like something or someone pounded me with a couple of bricks! Egad. Will try my best to write more soon. Updates a plenty! 44 followers and counting on Pinterest. Book stash has grown. Many weddings to attend. Many things to do. Another book sale around the corner. New stuff for The Knick Knack Box and heaps of new ideas. Daydreams a growing too. Have a good week ahead *hugs* 

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