Monday, September 12, 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival
{to read more about the Festival, read this}.
There were only a handful of times that I celebrated this Festival with my family. When I was younger, we used to rush to the little grocery store {the ones that are now struggling to survive among the hypermarkets and 'boutique' groceries that sell imported goods} that sold biscuits in tins, freshly grated coconut and candy in plastic jars and purchase pretty lanterns made out of glass paper {transparent coloured paper}.

I remember having a rabbit lantern one time and several other smaller round ones. Having said lanterns {after pleading with my parents to be good} in hand, we would go to our cousins house where all the families would congregate while we stuffed our faces with moon cakes. Lotus ones, double yolk ones and the ones with mixed nuts and ham. 

Seen @ My Cen 

The tradition to meet up with my relatives soon faded over time ~ exams , tuition, piano lessons, business got in the way and it has been ages since we meet up to celebrate this Festival. 

Today however, on my 29th year, I celebrated probably the best Mid-Autumn Festival yet. I am sure as a younger child I did enjoy my time with my cousins but today was simply awesome because we were all together *contented happy smile* 

My new extended family which included B, Belly and my new sister-in-law Ruby along with my mum and brother {dad was inside checking his Facebook account}, lit the whole front of my house with pretty lanterns and candles. We later danced, sang and played with Belle for a good two hours. It was just awesomeness. Do enjoy the photos below of the night when the moon was full and I danced with arms stretched without a care in the world ~ I thought that I really could fly.

Pretty coloured lanterns!

Hope is delivered.

The front of my house decorated with lanterns + candles.

Belle {who was fidgeting} joined in the fun too.

Seen @ DW's Facebook page

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival All!

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