Monday, September 26, 2011

My heart flutters!

It's drizzling outside. Another wet, cool night. 
The kind of night where you can bundle yourself up
 under comforters and sleep in heavenly peace.
And tonight, although there are worries that shroud me
and mar my happiness a little, I will brush it off for now
and focus on God's blessings instead.
Tonight, I will dream about one of my 'One Days'...
Soon... I will be sipping coffee and enjoying the same view.
*does like victory, happy, smiley dance*
Thank you God. And thanks B for agreeing *smiles* 
My heart is fluttering in disbelief and joy!


Shorooq said...

Absolutely Terrific

Traci said...

Beautiful photo, and so happy your dream is coming true :)

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