Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Snippets

Gloomy. Wet. Cold. Rainy. Weak sunlight.
That’s how it has been this Friday.

Had lunches with B at one of the stalls near my office.
It was quite empty, unlike the usual hustle and bustle over space.
After lunches munches, we had coffee @ Coffeebean
{one peach latte for me ~ yums} and talked 
about Project Happily Ever After.

Am getting more excited slowly but surely about 
Project Happily Ever After
though am a little overwhelmed at the enormity of the project.
This is way BIGGER than branch launches in 
Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City!!!
Plus, one tends to set the bar higher for one’s own personal events!
Anyways, I am sure once I put it all down onto paper
{Yay! Lists making time}, things will be  less crazy and scary.

One of my colleagues is leaving the hovel. I will miss her.
I am comforted that she is moving to another company
that is not that far away and we can still meet up for lunch.

I have been interweb surfing again {my boss is on 2 weeks MC}.
Felt guilty and made a plan of what I was going 
to do for the rest of the year and
did heaps of spring cleaning and filing  which is good.
I feel neater and more efficient already.
Note to self: MUST replicate this process at home!

On to interweb surfing… it seems that the more websurfing I do,
the more inspired I get which is just an awesome feeling.
Hurdles in my path include but is not limited to: procrastination,
Poor time management, bad organisation for arts and crafts, abundant distractions.

I should really find something work related to do.
Btw, “Kung Fu Panda 2” was pretty good.
Inner Peace! Inner Peace!

Happy Friday peeps!
I can smell the weekend... 
its smells like productivity and lemon poppy seed cake...

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"


pixelimpress said...

wow, you're in malaysia. i could have sworn from your weather description you were in seattle, along with me. thanks for stopping by pixelimpress! pam

*Dream Weaver* said...

I reckon the weather has gone a little bonkers Pam :)

Anonymous said...

I like this site^-^

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