Thursday, May 05, 2011

@ Work and other thoughts

There are several important things that I should be working on right now but I guess you can see that my mind is elsewhere at the moment *snickers*

A part of me would like to just pack my stuff {my desk is the most vibrant and personal of all desks on my floor if not the whole office with knick knacks, photos, magnets and the like} into several sturdy boxes and just walk out of here. I would stop for awhile at the Coffeebean & Tealeaf café for a nice drink and then make my way home with B. I would go home, have a long luxurious shower and then have a nap. Upon waking up at about 6pm, B and I would take Belly out for a walk near my home and later have a good dinner together or with our families.

After a good and satisfying meal, we would go home to watch some TV and snack on lemon and pistachio cake or Baskin Robbins ice cream *yums yums* Before going to bed, I would think about setting my alarm early for work and then realise that I had already left and would be free for awhile…. What a thrill that would be!!! *snickers*

Alas for now, I am here in the office… drinking a cup of Chinese tea and wishing time would tick on by and that the work in my inbox and on my desktop will be done on its on. I also wish that moving forward, I would not need to pick up annoying phone calls or receive emails that are stupid and belittling. I pray that I will not need to deal with arrogant twerps nor lazy peeps nor need to take orders for work which is not my own. It would also be fantabulous if we both didn’t  need to get caught in jams coming to the office and returning home. Wishful, hopeful thinking indeed *smiles*

Back to work I goes. 

Seen @ Cartoonstock

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"  

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