Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random Ramblings

Was a little too lazy to blog a full-on post. So here are some of my random ramblings for today. Happy Wednesday!! {its midweek!!! *smiles smiles*}
  • While going through some blogs online, I relised this need to create. So it would be awesome if I could go home now, take out my arts and crafts stuff and finally create something {I have heaps of ideas up my sleeve}. This has also sparked a long dormant desire in me to quickly get my arts and crafts stuff sorted out so that I can move into my Love Nest and have a cosy crafts corner *smiles smiles*
  • Divorcing {which btw, is an ugly ugly word}. I am in the midst of divorcing the old company I used to work for. It’s a hard bittersweet process. At times I am tempted quite often to let this pent up annoyance and irritation out. But I need to stop and check myself since control and patience are virtues I strive to uphold. I just wish there were no stupid and lazy people around and more cooperative people around me. The company and the world at large would surely be a better place if there were more hardworking, cooperative people who used their brains and had good EQ instead of sitting on their behinds, taking 3 hour lunches, coming in late and basically doing jack all and still getting their wages {yes, it is so so so unfair I tell you!}
  • Post it to self to not take offense or care if people don’t invite you for lunch and talk about it right in front of you and then later realise you are there {did I shrink} and then invite you insincerely. Saying ‘no thank you’ and going about my own business would be a better/cheaper lunch.
  • Note to self to never be swayed to buy thick daily planners. The simple pocket book type which has been my friend for several years is good enough. Anyone know where to get a simple pocketbook type one now?
  • It is so awesome to have B  say I am his wife. I feel like giggling every time he says it
  • B and I are going to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 tomorrow *smiles* I can’t wait. I heart free date nights!!
  • I think I will have some tea soon to ease my troubled tummy and to relax some.
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Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!"

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