Sunday, October 23, 2005

See-Saw Days

The past couple of days have been like a see-saw. One minute UP and the next DOWN. There are many things that I have to think deeply and painstakingly about, that I have decided to put them out of mind for a couple more days or unless my exams and assignments are over. The stress about thinking about these thoughts are just BAD... I have got rashes again... and my skin has seen better days (gawd I am getting vain!)

Its strange how most humans tend to dwell on sad things and things that make them worry instead of counting their blessings and looking at the brighter, better things in life. I am one of these people and I realised that its bad for me. Joyce the Fairy aptly names me, Care Bear and shes right in most ways about it and I really do hate being all worriesome and sad about things in life that go wrong.

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*Sigh* Sadly, I have seemed to have hit a snag along the way at the moment (please dont' ask what!) and am trying to deal with it but its not easy.

Turn Left or Turn Right???
Choices and more choices
with ever harder more difficult consequences to deal with.

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I wish at times that I was a child again with the most daunting task being the flavour of ice cream to choose from. I do enjoy being where I am at the moment, don't get me wrong just I wish that at times the ugly bits in life weren't so ugly and that death did not exist... but as Commonjack puts it "...we will all 'die' at some point... it is a check & balance mechanism that allows us to appreciate the advent of 'life'."

Oh yeah, took this survey just now on Personal Boundaries (click here to take it toos!) and I am in the category of "81 to 120 -- You may have a problem with setting Personal Boundaries. We suggest you give a call to The Center, Inc. for an evaluation: 1-888-771-5166."

Don't worry folks... everything is going well for me...
Reallly... Life is all a see-saw after all...
so this is the part where it evens out...
the ups and the downs... things are alright.

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Yup Yup...
Everything is going to be alright...

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