Wednesday, October 26, 2005

* My Prince Charming*

"She didn't know him very well, but when she did the depth of his character would probably become clearer to her. When she knew him better maybe she would...."
("How To Be Famous" A Novel by Alison Bond)

The list runs long for the "maybes"... (sounds a little like me when I make excuses for the men and ex-men in my life...) and later she continues and says this:

"Melanie was looking for the complete package; (Aren't we all?) a real man with a tender heart (I don't think there are any "real men" with 'tender' hearts left). A man who would throw her over her shoulder to carry her upstairs and make brutish love to her (As if there are men who can carry me on his shoulder much less one who could make good brutish love) and then fetch her a glass of water before they slept the whole night long in each other's arms (Ahhh... Bliss!). She firmly believed that such a man existed, even if experience should have taught her otherwise (Sounds like "someone" I know!)
("How To Be Famous" A Novel by Alison Bond)

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Yes Guilty!!!
Alison could very well have written those few sentences
about me... *sigh*
*Dream Weaver* is a super sucker for believing and
thinking that there are such men out there who
would be the "perfect one"
the proverbial 'prince charming' for me.
(Idiot little me!)
Experience really should have taught me otherwise!!!
IF by any chance you are my Prince Charming...
Where have you been???

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