Thursday, October 20, 2005

*ONE* Down!!!

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~ Yipppeeee ~
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ONE down...
6 more to blardy go!!!
Am listening to the OST of 'Life As A House' and its making me weepy... Anyways, I am just so thankful that I am done with one. All I need to do is go to college, get a page printed as the coloured ink on my printer is acting wonky and then bind the whole thingy...
** lalalala **
Does help that I also got back my results and got
like 95/100 and the rest were pretty good too...
** lalalala **
Hopefully the rest will have as favourable results... *smiles*

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Its off to bed for me now...
Nights everyone...
* Sweet Dreams *


Pinkity said...

YAY!!! *celebrates* We'll go for fondue once you're done with everything ok? xoxoxox!!!

YSCHAN said...

Pinky's treat.

*Dream Weaver* said...

HOORAH!!! :)
*super grin*

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