Sunday, December 16, 2012

letters from the dead

It's been a long day of cleaning the house in preparation for Christmas and the New Year. Besides that, I have been sorting old boxes {especially my old boxes from my previous job @ the bank} and feeling pangs of nostalgia. Sifting through things tends to bring up old memories long forgotten but they are good stuff nonetheless. I also had some time to doodle, read, have a drink and spend time with my mum and Belle my beagle... so all in all it was a long day but a good one *smiles*

I finally found a birthday card/letter that Adam gave me for my 24th birthday and it was so good to read something from. Letters from the dead... sounds morbid but in fact it comforted me {am thinking about writing a short story, a script, a poem or just a piece on this... "letters from the dead"}. I wish I could have told him that I did value his friendship and it would have been so good if we could have spent more time being friends. 

Anyways, its late and I am rambling on. This time last week, I was so pumped up with dancing at the rave and Daves and I were probably stuffing our face with chocolate chip cookies and sleeping in the back seat while G drove us to the Big Bad Wolf Sale. Note to self,  never shop for books after a rave or party or a drinking session. 

15 more days till the new year. Am not quite ready to say goodbye to 2012, there are heaps more things to do and 15 more days is not enough for everything ~ egad! We will see how it goes. Still thinking of that 'One Little Word'. Explore is such a tough word to outdo!! *grin grin* but it sure was an excellent word for 2012.

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