Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I had initially wanted to post a post on Christmas for everyday leading up to Christmas... but alas, if you have noticed, there is a gap of several days mainly because of the long weekend which was epic to say the least. I have not had a such a good long weekend in ages. Sure there could have been more things that I could have done to be honest, especially hangout with my parents and go to church but truly, this long weekend has made me feel so alive. I will write more about this when I can because I should be doing work now and I am super tired that I can't think about it any more. My bed is calling me and I am just so sick of thinking about work stuff. It's December. The Christmas season is around the corner. Am doing my best, but I really need some help and extra time for shopping and cleaning up my house. Ahhhh... but I am still riding 'high' on this happy, dance and alive bug *smiles smiles*

I am leaving you with this song which has been playing in my mind and has been making my feet do all kinds of strange things. I have been listening to this clip on YouTube for ages. I think I am loving Avicii's music. More on this soon. And btw, if I forget to blog {or more like don't have the time}, happy 12.12.12 its epic and will never happen again ~ and I can't believe I have to spend it at the office. Ah but such is life... kan?

Oh well. Have an awesome 12.12.12 
do something crazy good and epic.

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