Thursday, November 10, 2011

Calendar Swap 2012

I got to know about the calendar swap through Marta's blog. Curiousity got the better of me since I love calendars {and am actually in the midst of looking for a daily planner ~ I usually buy one at least a month before the new year}. So I clicked on the link and reached Design Crush's site and post for the Calendar Swap. Long story short, I have now got two calendar swap mates ~ Ariel from New York and Noella from Dubai {loving her blog}. We have been exchanging emails and its pretty cool to find other like minded people out there who loves kinda the same things that you do *smiles smiles grin grin* 

So, what is a Calendar Swap ~ its basically selecting and purchasing a calendar for someone else. You can decide if you want to swap locally or internationally. There isn't a catch of anything, just that each calendar has to be about $20-$30 and that you have to send the calendars out by Thanksgiving. So am going to be calendar hunting for my two Calendar Swap buddies ~ super excited! I think Calendar Swaps are super!

Have gone interweb surfing and here are some pretty calendars for your viewing pleasure... who knew calendars would be so trendy and interesting?!? *smiles* 

Seen @ Paper Crave

Seen @ Design Crush

Seen @ Paper Crave


happymitchy said...

Wow! I love all those calendars! :D I hope I can have them somewhere here in the Philippines.. so cute! ;)) Thanks for sharing these. :)

*Dream Weaver* said...

I don't know where to find them in Philippines. Here in Malaysia, we sometimes have to order them online as well. We don't quite have that many choices.

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