Tuesday, November 22, 2011

naked nails

It was supposed to be pretty straightforward. I leave work slightly early - take a cab to my nail salon and get my manicure and pedicure done for my pre-wedding photo session on Thursday.

but NO!

My nails are not done.

Firstly something came up at work, so I left slightly late. Then I couldn't get a cab and when I finally got a patient nice cab man to send me to Taman Tun for my nail appointment, I get stuck in a jam. And then it rains. And the meter for the cab is running. And running. And then  the nail salon calls me and tells me that if I don't reach in 5 minutes I have to reschedule ~ I am in fact very far away. Very very far away!!! 

So, I don't have an appointment, 
can't get my nails done and am stuck in a jam. 
I feel down and angry and sad and annoyed.
I want to laugh at the situation. I want to scream.
But instead, I called Drama Dave and we go to Decanter for a drink.
I feel better after the very ladies vodka.
But my nails un-coloured ~ they feel strangely cheated and naked after I promised them a pampering spa session. I reckon I gotta go find myself a nail salon tomorrow during lunch to get my nails done. Pray I manage to get them done.

Am now frantically getting my props ready for my pre-wedding shoot while trying not to think about the wedding invitations that have yet to be done and the guest list which is 300-ish people too many! 
Ahhh... thoughts of eloping did cross my mind several times over the course of these two weeks but as my best friends remind me, it will be all worth it at the end of the day. I will try to remember this in the next 2 months or so. *tick tock tick tock* the so called 'big day' is just round the corner ~ egad!

Thank God for B who keeps me sane and who puts up with the craziness. 
I am so glad that he is back... things are back to normal.
Off to bed I go *smiles* I hear rain and thunder.
Sweet dreams all.

Btw, it's B's birthday today. No big celebration.
Just a quiet dinner at his home, Gossip Girl series on the telly.
And slices of black forest cake and a catch up session.
*I love you Boo, Happy Birthday*

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