Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1st Party @ the Love Nest

"And Lord we want to lift your name on high
And Lord we want to thank you for the works
You’ve done in our lives
And Lord we trust in Your unfailing love
For you alone are God eternal
Throughout earth and heaven above".
{One of my favourite songs}

The weekend was aweseome-busy-tiring-blessed.
B & I had our first 'open house / party' at the Love Nest on Saturday and invited our relatives and friends over. For the first batch {since the Love Nest is quite compact in size}, we had B's relatives over - we had a 'happy house warming' cake and a birthday cake for B whose birthday is next week. After that, I had my friends over. 

It was good to get everyone together and I am so thankful for the lovely presents that we recieved ~ the 500 bucks Ikea card is just so awesome as I can finally start putting up the soft touches to the Love Nest with photoframes and the like *smiles smiles*, so thanks guys ~ both B and I appreciate it and let's share the wine soon while we toast to our first holiday away in what 11 years? Lastly we ended the day with poker night at ours {pizza, poker and all kinds of drinks!} with the guys ~ I love winning at poker though my hands were pretty good. So, there we were... from 8:30am {woke up scrambling to get the house spick and span} till 2am {watching videos after a night of poker}. The only thing I regret was not taking enough pics but its hard playing hostess and taking pics at the same time ~ maybe I shall remember next time.

Sunday dawned upon me wayyyy to early. I went to church, had lunch and then B and I went to get our wedding bands at Diamond & Platinum. I had initially wanted a rose gold number with a small row of diamonds but then the rose gold ring next to my white gold engagement ring didn't quite jive, so we opted for white gold wedding bands but the designs that were simillar to the rose gold ones that we wanted. I love the ring already and can't wait to wear it *super silly grin* After ring/bling shopping, B and I had our first Christmas Starbucks of the 2011 and we bought each other Starbucks tumblers ~ mine a Christmas number with pretty snowflakes and B a Starbucks lookalike {photos to be uploaded soon...ish}. Was a little annoyed at the girl who served us as she didn't inform me of the new redemption mechanism for the 2012 diaries and because of that, I lost 3 stamps ~ bleh! 

Next we had two weddings in a row. A ROM (Registration of Marriage) and another wedding reception at a local country club. It was good meeting up with friends. So at the end of the day which was 11:30pm, B and I were both pooped and due to the lack of sleep since the weekend I am now having the flues and feel jaglaggish or how I imagine jaglag to feel like. Plus my new lenses on my specs make me feel as if I am floating. Am going to give it another week to get used to and if my then I still am not used to it, I will be going to back to the shop to get it sorted.

On an awesome note, my dad who had a minor operation about a week ago just got word from the doctor that he is cancer-free and that everything is going A-okay! *Praise & Thank You God for your goodness and mercy and for hearing my prayer* He has some back problems but not much can be done for that since it is mostly due to getting older. {getting older kinda sucks at times}. So, while I mop up my leaky nose and try to get pull myself together for the day ahead, I wish all of you a happy Tuesday. It's a short week for me as I am off for a short island holiday with my friends while B goes to Vietnam with his friends. One of the first times in a long long long time since we are going for a holiday without each other but I am sure the days will pass by in a blur and in no time it will be Christmas and then our Wedding Day *woot woot* {saying it aloud makes me feel antsy as we don't have everything sorted just yet ~ working on it really!}.

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