Monday, November 21, 2011

Super Stylin' #11: Pretty Wedding

I really really love the photos I saw on My Sweet & Saucy. The photos were for a couple called Audree and Matt and man were they lovely photos. I would have liked to be at this wedding. 

Everything looked to pretty and coordinated and when I see photos such as this, I get a pang of something I can't quite name. I love the desert table the whole coordinated look and feel of the wedding... something my wedding will not really have. I know I should be thankful and oh so blessed because I am already getting so much but I guess when you surf the interweb and see such pretty things, your heart kinda wants it too...

Anywhos, enjoy these beautiful photos and I hope you will be inspired by them and that you will find a way and people to help you create the wedding of your dreams.

Loving the soft pastel bouquet 
against the bright pink of the dress.

A simple dress. A cute hanger.

A letter pressed wedding invite.
I like letter pressed stuff.

An outdoor wedding setting.
Complete with sofas and other furniture.

The table was set up so beautifully *swoon*

Loving the little customised gifts, the flowers 
and the pretty arrangements. 

The awesome desert table
*loving it*

A lovely wedding indeed. 
Don't ya think so? *smiles*

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