Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Week In The Life of DW...

I have been following Ali Edwards blog for a long long time. I love all her ideas and have really wanted to follow some of her projects namely "2011 Week In The Life Project". So, I printed Ali's free 'Week In The Life Daily' sheets to document my daily going-ons and decided to start along with everyone else on Monday, 25th July. 

Alas, I forgot my camera and left my printed sheets @ home. Today was basically the same thing. Bad bad me. So, I decided, heck, mine's going to be {hopefully} a Wednesday to Tuesday one!! {I know, lame. But I am really going to try this out}. It will be a good start for my 'Project Let's Create' {which is off to a very sloooowww start} ~ *snickers snickers*

Some helpful links are as follows:
The basics of documenting your project  ~ a good read before starting your project
A list of everyday photos that you can take ~ great source of photo ideas
A full list of 'Week In The Life' posts ~ awesome for inspiration

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