Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Kate Spade Neras

I don't know when I started falling in love with Kate Spade stuff. I think it was on one of my inter-web surfing trips when I saw her pretty things!! *smiles* After that, I regularly stalked the Kate Spade site *blush* to look at all the new stuff that she had. After all the said inter-web stalking and gawking at the pretty things, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a Kate Spade store was opening in the up-market shopping centre, The Gardens. 

I surfed the web and looked at prices and knew I could not afford anything... so I stayed away from the store. Then about two months ago, B and I were at the Gardens, so I thought I might as well finally visit the store and finally get to touch and feel these pretties. I may have even secretly hoped that I would walk in there and find something that I could afford.

In I skipped and ooooo-ed....and ahhhhhh-ed at the pretty things. I touched and put down. Touched and put down and just basically gawked like a geek at the pretty things. It was then at the shoes section that I saw her.  Sitting so shiny and prettily on a shelf --- The Kate Spade Neras!!! 

Seen @ ShoeperWoman

It was heart at first sight and without even thinking about it nor flipping the shoes to check out the price tag {it's an awful habit I have - but one that is necessary to ensure that I know how much I am spending before I buy the item}, I almost reverently put the pink pair of flats on the ground, slipped of my rather dodgy, dirty slipper and slid my feed into the flats.

It was HEAVENLY!!!
My feet sighed with pleasure and I strutted up and down feeling like a million bucks. It was like walking on a cloud while felling pretty... oh so preeetttyyy!!! *snickers snickers like a geeky teen*

After having my feet snuggled into these beauties for what must have have felt like an hour {but was more like a minute}, I reverently slid them off my feet and slid them this time into the black Nera's. They still looked heaps good on my feet I have to add. Then reluctantly, I slid them off and stuffed my feet back into my scuffed loyal comfy slippers. I held the beauties in my hands and shyly handed them back to the salesman. I sheepishly asked him the price of these beauties and hoped and hoped that he would say "Oh, these? They are on sale... only RM300.00." I would then say. "Really. I will take them. Now!" but instead, he said "RM1,4..." I never did hear the rest to be honest because when a pair of shoes starts with a thousand blablabla, the logical thing to do would be to put them down gently and run away!
Seen @ Style Feeder

I did not run but said 'thank you' to the kind salesman and took a last longing look at the beautiful pair of pink and black flats and promptly walked away. I felt proud I did not turn to look lingeringly at the flats but instead walked away quick quickly. I guess it was also because I was afraid that I would do something drastic and crazy like whip out my credit card and say to the salesman "OK. I will take these. They were meant for my feet!"

I don't know why I am talking about these beauties again {and to be honest, I still don't know which pair I would have bought ~ the black ones or the pink ones}. Maybe it was because I happened upon a Kate Spade post or because I felt like buying a new pair of flats. But really... a thousand plus bucks for a pair of flats? They are gorgeous and was oh so comfy but a thousand plus bucks!!! *tsk tsk tsk* 
I can think of several things to buy with that money instead of a pair of shoes. 

So, the Kate Spade Nera's will just be there... in my memory and recorded on my blog. Perhaps one day there will be an uber good sale {90% off perhaps} I will buy these beauties and I will joyful and proudly strut around in them and feel like a million and one bucks!

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