Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thai Photo #1

Its been a week since Sunshine and I have been back from Bang.Kok...
I can't believe how time flies... (its really freaky)
This pic of Sunshine and me was taken in Wat Arun
before we were shown some "Thai Hospitality"...
I remember being really grouchy before this pic - Thai Photo #1
(malas to crop!) was taken because I had developed a really bad rash
due to the horrid heat. The smile in the pic was one of relief knowing that I was on
my way to getting a bottle of chilled mandarin orange juice (super yums)
and the promise of shade and a fan!
This week promises to be a full week with interesting things to do.
Pray for me as I try to do something I have always wanted...
and NO... its not piercing my ears or any part of my body!

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