Sunday, September 02, 2007

FaceBook Addiction

I can’t remember when I joined FACEBOOK. I think several people sent me invites… just can’t remember when I actually signed up for it.
Anyways, yesterday was my first step into the world of FACEBOOK
and it’s so ADD.dict.tIve

I spent several hours fiddling with it
When I could have read my book or cleaned my room
Or arranged my drawers or slept….

Had to go on Facebook and decide to “pimp it up”.
Now I am worried about my pet LaBbit…
If not one pets her or feeds her, will she die?
I also have an unhealthy obsession of getting drinks,
flowers, gift, messages and all that nonsense as well.
My garden seems a little empty,
the bakery has a lone bun and
I worry that my aquarium has not enough undersea creatures!
I can’t believe I am so distraught over this.
I think I need to stay away from Sam and Facebook now!

P.S: If you do log on to Facebook,
do add me and send me a drink,
a flower, a slice of cake, a fish, and a message.
Don’t forget to pet LaBbit as well *smiles*

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