Saturday, September 01, 2007

Last day @ The Hovel!

For those of you who don’t already know, I have left my PR job (it’s been 6 days so far) *dances the wiggles happily! * and am happy about that (if you didn’t already know as well).

I never thought that I would leave my “first REAL job” in less than two years.
Part of me (the ever pessimistic and doom and gloom side of me)
thinks that it’s a dumb mistake and only losers quit…
but the other parts of me, which,
thank God overpower the gloomy side, knows that this is for the best.

So here I am, *Dream Weaver* self-employed
and loving the freedom which I once had those days of long ago (drama-nya!).

Anyways, somehow my last day at work wasn’t great at all which only made me even happier knowing that I did not need to come back to “the hovel” as me and Miss P.Lo calls it. I did not get the standard farewell lunch because people were either sick, on leave or at meetings and that made me feel a little sad to be honest.

The big boss (B.B – know of other words that have the initials B.B?) and my Senior (S…. doesn’t it sound like something else?) also decided to meet up with me at 5.50pm (just when I wanted to leave to see my dad in the hosp) to “talk”. Basically the B.B wanted me to speak to the S and to tell the S why I was upset with her. I roughly told her what I wanted to say but I felt "the talk" was just a waste of time… she was too set in her ways and after all, I was leaving. What did it matter to her?

Anyways, they sorta offered me a job (project basis) but I doubt I will be getting it. They want the new boy to try it out first and then if he can’t do it they might consider asking me to do it instead. Anyways, somehow the conversation came to the part where the S said that the B.B needed to send an email to my clients to inform them that I was leaving.

I then piped up and said that I had already sent an email to my clients and suppliers. This DID NOT GO well with the both of them and the S said “you are not at THAT LEVEL to do that”. I apologized of course (I remembered my manners) and said that it was too bad cos nothing could be done about it since I had already sent the emails. After that “the talk” basically dwindled into nothingness and I left the office for the last time!

By that time, everyone had already left, so there were no “goodbyes” which sucked since there were a few people I call friends in the office. Anyways, I did not know that I was not supposed to email my clients. No one told me that I shouldn’t. all they have ever told me was how to build rapports with your clients so that a strong relationship will form…
and that was what I was doing.

BUGGER! I was quite honestly pissing mad and so ready to finally unload all my thoughts to the S and B.B but because my mind was at UH with my dad, I decided to just keep quiet and I am glad that I did just that. They are so NOT WORTH my time and energy and it was with a happy heart and a wide smile on my face that I threw my two cases of name cards in the bin – it was an interesting trip, one though I will probably not go on again!

Here’s to more wonderful Adventures
and Happy Endings to come!

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