Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back from Bang.Kok

I am back from Bang.Kok!
... and my skin is peeling, my legs are aching,
my suitcase needs unpacking, things need to be stowed away,
my room needs cleaning (the mutated dust animals are romping around
my room as if its theirs - the nerve of them!),
my resume needs some glitter and shine,
my assignments for work are piling up,
my proposals have yet to be done, my printer needs new ink,
my toilet needs a brighter light and a dose of clorox, my room needs tidying up,
my arts and crafts need to be tended too, several parcles need to be sent out,
several emails need to be sent as well, need to book my flea market booth
and yes, I need to go on a diet and buy moisturizer!
Its back to reality after the holiday!
*grumbles mumbles*
P.S: I need another holiday to recover from this one!
P.P.S: Another post will be up soon with pics and news from my trip.
P.P.P.S: Anyone fancying a cup of coffee or tea or slice of cake (ok maybe no cake since I am supposed to be on a diet) can call me since I am 'self-employed' at the moment.

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