Monday, September 13, 2004

* Thinking my Thoughts *

What is a thought? Have you ever wondered about that?
I was just thinking the other day about me and my thoughts and how I tend to think about things. What things you wonder, well anything really..... Things which have nothing to do with me and things that have everything to do with me.
So I sit and I wonder and ponder about things and I think about all these thoughts drifting thru my mind and I can't really sift them through one by one cos there are too many of them floating in and out of my mind and to sit my bum down and write them all out would take some time. Time which sadly I am lacking of.
I think to myself that maybe I can find time today or tomorrow or the day after that to do the things I want to do. To try and write down all my thoughts and all that I am thinking about.. but the days fly pass me unknowingly and I seem to just sit and stare at the clock face wondering, what day is today and thoughts fly pass me again haunting me and taunting me with their sadden sometimes joyful melody singing... 'another day goes by what have you done that you said you would do?'
And I saddened by the knowledge that I have done nothing I set out to do thinks that maybe I should try harder again tomorrow but in my thoughts I know that in the end it would be just the same old thing all over again... Of course I can change for the better I think, and really start to shedule out the really important things in life... but thats a whole new story and thought all together and I am not sure if I want to venture there just yet. *some what sheepish grin*
So there I go again with my thoughts and my thinking which invariably leads me no where. The one thought that flows thru my mind as I snatch this precious few seconds that I have is that, 'why do I do the things I do knowing the outcome of it all in the end?'
Yeah the thoughts still keep flowing thru my mind and honestly where would I be without this thoughts that comfort me and keep me company when I am alone, or when I am sandwiched in a bus, crammed like sardines in a too small can.. or how about those nights when I am sad and fell all shitty and need some cheering up to do? Yeah those thoughts sure do come in handy I tells you... I just know that I wouldn't be the person I am today wihtout them thought lurking in my mind....
So here I go again.. saying goodbye rather quickly still thinking my thoughts and thinking about those thoughts and the thoughts before that and that thoughts that are to come......

P.S: Dear Angelus, Here is more food for thought than Popiah and Papayas.. *grin*

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