Sunday, September 26, 2004

Little Bunny's adventures..

* So it was that the little bunny hopped all over the place till she was tired (who wouldn't be tired battling little bugs that annoyed her and having to hop to and fro?) Thus tired and slightly sore, she lay her little head down to rest and was finally at peace with herself and the world, and so finally she began to write *

It has been some time since I last wrote in my little piece of Heaven. My journal, which lies hidden in my room is covered by a fine layer of dust, beckons to me ever so softly to write in it and fill its pages with wonderful stories and adventures. But I have neither the time nor the mood to write on most nights.

This is how my life has been lately.

College, Work at the cafe, Late dinner, Sleep and the latest one.. Training at new restaurant/College, home to shower, work at Bangasr Actors Studio. (woudln't you get tired too?)

Well, I have stopped work at the old cafe in 1 Utama due to a number of reasons:-
a) low pay
b) night shifts
c) have to mop/sweep
d) have to work on weekends
It was a godsend when this new restuarant asked to me to come work for them. (Just for everyone info - I have been asked by 3 restaurants to work for them =) - I think I am a good watiress) This new restaurant opening soon in 1Utama is paying well and is really nice.. their concepts are just like TGIF. I had to even go for training there to be a hostess. Then another godsend came along. G's told a friend who works at a magazine that I was interested in working so she asked me to send my writings to her. I did and I went for an interview and I GOT THE JOB.

So now I am going to start on an internship at this magazines next months. (Thanks so so so much G and G's friend and Possum for brining me there and listening to the whole 'I think I cannot get it' crap!) At the moment I still don't know what day I am going to start and I have not yet told the restaurant people that I woudlnt' be working for them. I feel guilty for leaving cos they keep saying that they are short of staff and etc.(anyone interested in a part time job in F&B line tells me, k?)

Busy Bunny is also working for a few nights at the Actors Studio, Bangsar for front of house - that will be in a seperate blog when I have the time! So yeah.. between these jobs at the old cafe, training in the new restaurant and work at BSC plus college and the odd things I have to attend to in college - writing for the newsletter, writing for my portfolio and etc. I have absolutely no time to do anything.

Last night was wonderful though, I will be free for a few days and have already started enjoying myself. After work at BSC for the night, went with Possum to Alexis (3rd Saturday in a row) and had fun drinking champagne, wine and coffee - bad mix, both were laughing a little much - and playing cards and talking. When I got home, I read a new book that I had rented and was happily reading till my eyes couldn't stay open. Then this morning was awaken by the Possum who was going to pick me up for brunch with his family and some Japanese friends of Possums dad.. yum yum tim sum at Concorde hotel was yum yum!!! So here I sit.. stuffed and happy and relaxed. No work for a few days. College tomorrow.. Show with my friends tonight at the actors studio =) and then happy happy nights reading again... happy happy joy joy!!!

* So it was that the little bunny finished typing about her little adventures and deicded that a hot cup of tea was in order. She turned on the kettle, got out her little saucer and cup, put in a teabag and picked up her book and swicthed Sammi Cheng off and smiled to herself and thought about her wierd little thoughts about the days ahead*

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