Tuesday, September 14, 2004

ESCAPE for DreamWeaver by Calvin Klein

* DreamWeaver (who is always puntual) arrives to class panting and for once is late (The horror! The horror!). She pushes open the door..

DreamWeaver : Hello, Mr K.

Mr K : What time is it?

DreamWeaver : Ahhh.. time. Its about 9.46am I think.. (gives a blur look)

Mr K : What time does class start?

DreamWeaver : Uhhh.. 8.30am?

Mr K : You are late. Why bother coming for class then?

DreamWeaver : 'Cos I love this class and I think you are the best lecturer in the whole world (said with innocent face)

Mr K : (in a stern voice) I am going to fail you. Sit down!

DreamWeaver : Sorrylah. Atleast I came right......

* DreamWeaver proceeds to sit down. Mr K then continues the lecture..

Mr K : Since we have finished chapter 5 we are all set for the mid terms. Any questions?

DreamWeaver : Why we never study chapter 3 and 4?

*There is a sharp nudge from a friend who sits on the left of DreamWeaver.

Mr K : Have you been asleep in class ah? We have done all the chapters.

DreamWeaver : Sure ah?

*Another sharp nudge from friend who confirms what Mr K said..

DreamWeaver : Shites.. no way!! DIelah

* DreamWeaver digs into huge school bag (which looks like a huge back packers bag) and tries to locate public speaking text book but remembers that she can't bring it to class cos it is a photocopied one (she tried to save a few books and photocopied the book). She sighs.. and buries her face in her hands...

DreamWeaver : I hate MONDAYS!!!

* An hour later after the last class, DreamWeaver is scared cos she didn't study for a World Religion quiz and hopes the lecturer forgets entirely about the freakin quiz. Her other classmates file into the class and she wonders.. 'HMMM.. how come Jim the Fairy is in world religions.'
Then it strikes her.. it is not World Religions today. It is Western Civ..

DreamWeaver : Bugger it! (she mutters to herself)

* Mr M comes into class and asks everyone some questions regarding the last class.

Mr M : So what is the answer woman? (I forgot the question!)

DreamWeaver : Not sure.. (blur look)

Mr M : Well then take out your bloody text book and look it up.

DreamWeaver : Urmm... no text book sir. Mixed up classes.. (sheepish look)

Mr M : Gawd Woman! Where is your head?

DreamWeaver : (says under her breath)On my neck..

Mr M: What did you say?

DreamWeaver : I said I was sorry

* Mr M continues to drone on about Ancient Eygpt whilst DreamWeaver fiddles with pen and doodles on scraps of paper.. Time ticks on.......

That is how my Monday went and every other day that I go to college is something like that as well though more often then not the scoldings are more severe.. *sigh*

An ESCAPE.. that is what I need.

An ESCAPE to some place for awhile. An ESCAPE to rid this boredom that bores down on me making me feel like I am walking and dragging my feet with some kind of yolk on it. Bugger it!

I used to wish for someone to save me but now all I want to do is ESCAPE..

* DreamWeaver just sits staring at the monitor and lists the things that she has to do in her mind

DreamWeaver : Bugger it! (she flicks the power swicth off)


Brian said...

eh, dreamer... even your lousy munday seem to be so much fun.. muahahhahahahha.. lawaks. anyhow, chill out lar beb. i dun got no clever advise for you but i just wanna let you know, you've got a fren in me lar. eventhough when i bloody called from england and you didn't pick my call up!
iamspongy and i'm outtttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Eu Sean said...

Hewoos Jo... it seems like you were living in the world of your own or like calvin and hobbes.. haahha... nice one! I liked it alot =)

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