Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Let's Create!

Yes I know this post has been a long time coming... So finally, after thinking about a few words for my One Little Word {OLW} for 2013 and my 31st year {with "live" being a close contender}, I have selected the word... *drumroll*... "Create". 

Create is quite a common word and I know that many people have used it in previous years but to me it is not a deterrent  Besides, OLW is not a contest to pick the most unique word and we don't really have to compare your OLW with others because the selection of that OLW is so special to each and every person. All of us have different experiences and are in different stages of life with varying wants, viewpoints and goals. So what made me decide on the word Create?

For one, I realised that I needed to concentrate more on a number of things and in some ways, they involved  the word create. Here are some examples of how I shall see my OLW coming into play this year.

Creating Memories ~ How can the word create not feature prominently when memories are concerned? I plan to create more good memories, not only ones that I store in my mind but also memories that can be taken out on days when it is needed - think photographs, mini albums, scrapbooking and etc. 

Creating a Business ~ I have already started Hearts & Crafts for about 10 months and it has been developing steadily but not has fast as I would like it to. I am setting myself some business goals for the year in the hopes that this keeps me disciplined to manage my business {however little it is} in a more organised manner.

Creating a Home ~ I would love to create a nicer more comfortable home for myself and B. I want to really work on Project Love Nest and organised, colour coordinate and pretty up my home. There are so many interior design ideas {just look at my previous posts and pinterest boards} whirling around in my mind and I can't wait to try some of them. And since we are maybe getting a new home, I can't wait to decorate it and possibly have a nook for my craft stuff *smiles smiles*

Creating a Improved DW ~ I love myself. Every part of myself for that matter but I have noticed bits that need some work. Be it physically, mentally or emotionally, I am going to improve. One of my main goals would be to be much better manager and to really try and do the best I can at work.

Creating Handmade ~ I have started making things again. Slowly but surely {me and my baby steps}. I have some projects up my sleeve and quite a number of ideas are already taking shape so its more of a 'lets get the party started' kind of thing and off we go creating! This year, I will create more handmade things. Things that I can proudly say I made *smiles* I have also started to join some card swaps which will be fun to do and I am always participating in Post Crossing 

And of course I am sure there will be more opportunities or things that I can tag the word 'create' to such as creating a family {God willing when we are ready}, create ways to help others who are less fortunate, creating new and lasting friendships and creating new adventures of the awesome variety. I hope you enjoyed reading about my OLW for 2012 and my 30th year 'explore' and my new OLW 'create'. Here's to creating a wonderful and memorable 2013 and 31st year!!! *smiles smiles grin grin* 

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